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Soaps for Skin Problems

Model: soap 16
Aleppo Rania K. handmade soap with 20% bay oil, combines the rich moisturizing properties of extra virgin olive oil with the antibacterial and antifungal properties of bay oil, without added fragrance. Ideal against dandruff and for local skin problems such as acne, eczema, psoriasis. Suitable for a..
Model: soap 13
Rania K. handmade soap with natural calendula decoction, is made with extra virgin olive oil, castor oil and essential oils, among others. It offers hydration, rejuvenation and elasticity to the skin, well-being and rest to the whole body. Calendula also has an excellent therapeutic effect on local ..
Model: soap 14
In Rania K. handmade natural soaps we use the juice from both prickly pears and leaves combined with soothing Aloe gel, organic olive oil, avocado oil, essential oils and clay to make a wonderful soap. Handmade natural soap Rania K. - prickly pear with its "leaves", has rich moisturizing and antioxi..
Model: soap 1
Rania K. handmade soap infused with natural lavender, is made with, among others, extra virgin olive oil, castor oil, essential oils and Alkanis root extract. It provides hydration and elasticity to the skin, relaxation and stress relief. Lavender also provides an antiseptic and disinfectant effect ..
Model: 34112
Rania K.'s traditional handmade natural Castile soap, made with extra virgin olive oil using the cold saponification method, is suitable for all uses. It gives shine, cleanliness, freshness and health, just like before...
Model: soap 24
The handmade soap Rania K. for wine therapy, rich in resveratrol and other antioxidant ingredients, is made with Ahiorgitiko red wine Arch. Nemea, extra virgin olive oil, castor oil and essential oils. Ideal for tired and dull skin with signs of aging, it hydrates and tightens the skin, giving radia..
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