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Bathroom accessories

Model: LM2056
Tanning oil is a product that promotes the tanning of the skin and at the same time moisturizes it. Here are some ways to use it:Apply before sun exposure: Apply the oil to your skin before sun exposure. This will help in quick tanning.Use as a moisturizer: Tanning oil provides deep hydration. You c..
Model: sp23
Natural sponges in three sizes for a pleasant bath...
Model: aa2654654
Light stones for the bathroom. Pumice stone can also be used to exfoliate the skin...
Model: Epo
Small size natural sponge for a pleasant relaxing bath.A small size natural sponge is ideal for enjoying a relaxing bath. The natural material provides softness and effectively removes dead skin cells. Massage the sponge over your body and let it relax you...
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