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A "capricious" man. Why in quotes? Because we can invoke the word… in its good sense. A person, a woman worker, housewife, mother, partner who remembers, describes, moves, gets angry, scolds, mocks herself, complains in her own way... the same way, without stereotypes, without certainties, without s..
Model: 8000
Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, Rania K.'s handmade African-style black soap, specially formulated to reduce the appearance of grainy skin and smooth rough spots on the body, combines pure virgin olive oil, carefully selected essential oils and coffee extract with traditional African ingredients ..
Model: EAN13 5213002801444
The handmade body lotion for after the sun, relieves and naturally accelerates the healing of the skin in cases of mild thermal and sunburns. Moisturizes in depth, giving shine, elasticity and health to the skin...
Model: after shave 1
It cares for the skin, giving it elasticity and softness for many hours after shaving. With carefully selected essential oils, it offers freshness and a wonderful aroma to the skin. Ideal for sensitive skin, it creates a wonderful feeling of rejuvenation and care...
Model: soap 16
Aleppo Rania K. handmade soap with 20% bay oil, combines the rich moisturizing properties of extra virgin olive oil with the antibacterial and antifungal properties of bay oil, without added fragrance. Ideal against dandruff and for local skin problems such as acne, eczema, psoriasis. Suitable for a..
Model: AM2157
The almond is rich in vitamins E and K, it has important antiaging and healing properties for the skin. It is also rich in palmitic, oleic and linoleic acids, important for their skin-stimulating properties, as well as trace elements such as zinc and iron, essential for balancing the functions of th..
Model: OIL24BE
Moisturizes in depth, prevents wrinkles, giving shine, elasticity and health to the skin. It is easily spread with the special ball in the eye area, on clean and dry skin. For best results, massage very lightly...
Model: AA2150
The handmade natural and rich jasmine eye cream with lily infusion & essential oils offers toning, firming, anti-wrinkle action for the delicate eye area...
Model: 12352
The handmade natural anti-wrinkle-firming face cream for men with argan oil, aloe, hyaluronic acid & essential oils is specially designed for men's skin. It is absorbed immediately without leaving the skin greasy. It can also be used comfortably as an after shave...
Model: rr8956
Refreshing & Disinfecting Natural & Handmade With Essential Oils This Rania K. Natural Refreshing & Disinfecting Room Spray for Aromatherapy provides a quick and effective way to reduce bacterial and viral contamination, while the aroma of tea tree, thyme, eucalyptus and lemon refreshes the atmosphe..
Model: canawart1
Scented art candles. They set the tone for the space as they release their aromas into the atmosphere...
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