5th International Phytocosmetics and Phytotherapy Congress (IPPC)

The event took place in University of Patras during 15th to 17th May 2017 and presented the latest scientific research related to medicinal plants, phytotherapy, phytocosmetics, standards & regulations, ethical values in sustainable practices, nanotechnology, phytochemistry, & toxicology, among others.

The event program organized presentations in six tracks, to allow thematic approach and to enhance networking opportunity among professionals from various fields.  Tracks add focus and foster continuous productive conversations during a dedicated session.

A)  Nanotechnology: Novel Delivery systems (safety, efficacy, formulation)

B)  Sustainable Practice: Regulation, Standards, and International Markets

C)  Phytochemistry: Discovery and Formulation of plant based products

D)  Bioactives: Novel Ingredients in Phytotherapy and Phytocosmetics

E)  Phytotherapy: Disease Prevention and Therapy, Clinical Trials

E)  Pharmacology & Safety: Toxicity of Natural Products and Use in Medicine

F)  Phytocosmetics: Market, Claim Validation, Skin and hair care

Website: https://www.phytoessence.org/IPPC2017/

In Rania K. handmade Natural soaps & cosmetics  we love quality of life and this is expressed through our work and our passion. To pure natural ingredients, we add only love and care! And that is why we took part with great interest and we attended this conference.

Researchers and professors from various Institutes and Universities around the world, as well as producers from different countries attended this Congress. Many new ideas, many possibilities for collaboration…

Yours Sincerely,

Rania K.