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Wellness Oils

Discover the power of natural healing with our wellness oils, designed to provide relief and well-being for body and mind. Seek the balance and care you deserve with just one drop.

Model: LB2589
Our handmade beard oil is made from the best ingredients, the texture of the oil is lighter and easier to absorb. A few drops could keep your beard deeply nourished and make it look fresh, tidy and clean!..
Model: LM2056
Tanning oil is a product that promotes the tanning of the skin and at the same time moisturizes it. Here are some ways to use it:Apply before sun exposure: Apply the oil to your skin before sun exposure. This will help in quick tanning.Use as a moisturizer: Tanning oil provides deep hydration. You c..
Model: aa2155
Blend of luxurious herbal aromatherapy oils to protect hands and strengthen nails while also softening cuticles. In case of excessive dryness, it can be applied as an intensive overnight mask..
Model: aa2152
Mixture of vegetable oils with herbs and specially selected essential oils Aromatherapy to relieve musculoskeletal pain. Regular massage relieves arthritis pain...
Model: aa2154
Soothing Oil for Light Massage on tired or swollen legs from standing or sitting, with problems of varicose veins and phlebitis. Enriched with a mixture of fine herbal extracts and specially selected essential oils for Aromatherapy. It offers rejuvenation, a sense of relief to tired parts of the bod..
Model: aa2153
Refreshing Aromatherapy Oil, with almond oil and specially selected essential oils for neck and shoulder massage, before the study. On the day of the exam, wet a cotton ball and place it in a closed plastic bag. Hold it together and inhale...
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