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Rania K

Model: after shave 1
It cares for the skin, giving it elasticity and softness for many hours after shaving. With carefully selected essential oils, it offers freshness and a wonderful aroma to the skin. Ideal for sensitive skin, it creates a wonderful feeling of rejuvenation and care.Nothing better for aftershave than t..
Model: AM2157
The almond is rich in vitamins E and K, it has important antiaging and healing properties for the skin. It is also rich in palmitic, oleic and linoleic acids, important for their skin-stimulating properties, as well as trace elements such as zinc and iron, essential for balancing the functions of th..
Model: AA2150
The handmade natural and rich jasmine eye cream with lily infusion & essential oils offers toning, firming, anti-wrinkle action for the delicate eye area...
Model: 12352
The handmade natural anti-wrinkle-firming face cream for men with argan oil, aloe, hyaluronic acid & essential oils is specially designed for men's skin. It is absorbed immediately without leaving the skin greasy. It can also be used comfortably as an after shave...
Model: es2254
This essential oil acts as a vasoconstrictor, helping with varicose veins and hemorrhoids. It helps to soothe muscle cramps, helps to regulate the menstrual cycle and helps relieve arthritis and rheumatic pains. Use this oil in a vaporizer to calm and relax. It can be used diluted in a cold compress..
Model: ALEPS2154
Epsom salts are an inorganic compound consisting of magnesium and sulfate. Both magnesium and sulfate are easily absorbed by the skin, which makes the health benefits immediately accessible while helping to eliminate toxins. Some uses and properties of epsom salt are: Relieves tight muscles, cleans ..
Model: ANT2150
Emotional balance with the power of nature. Anthoiama Jasmine-Louisa by Rania K. made with pure spring water and brandy. For inner peace, regrouping forces, avoiding past mistakes, forgiveness, new perspectives...
Model: ANT2151
Emotional balance with the power of nature. Flowering Radish- Dandelion-yellow Crocus by Rania K. made with pure spring water and brandy. For optimism, new beginnings and changes, full of love, trust and confidence...
Model: ANT2152
Emotional balance with the power of nature. Blooming Pink Rose by Rania K. made with pure spring water and brandy. For the joy of life, with enthusiasm, fun and love for the world around us...
Model: es2253
Geranium essential oil helps balance oily and dry skin. It also helps relieve the mind from stress and anxiety. It is used for acne, bruises, burns, cuts and dermatitis. It is ideal for eczema, relieves hemorrhoids, ringworm, ulcers, breast swelling. It helps to eliminate swelling. It contributes to..
Model: EAN13 5213002803028
Deeply moisturizes, tightens, giving shine, elasticity and health to the skin. It helps activate the skin's regeneration process and strengthens the skin's natural power to create collagen and elastin...
Model: es2256
Lavender has been used and adored for centuries for its unmistakable aroma and countless benefits. The most notable features of lavender essential oil are its calming and relaxing properties. Add to bath water to relieve stress or apply to temples and back of neck. Add a few drops of lavender to pil..
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